About Utrecht

‘The beating heart of the Netherlands’

A medieval city centre, small enough to explore on foot. Large enough to enjoy festivals, modern architecture, trendy shops and interesting museums for days on end. Centrally located and barely 20 minutes from Amsterdam, Utrecht has everything to ensure a pleasant stay for tourists and business visitors alike. The city is rich in history and culture, making it the perfect place to explore for a day or a weekend.

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Economic centre

With its central location and easy accessibility, Utrecht is also a major business centre. Science Park Utrecht and our highly regarded university, businesses and research establishments and the world-class University Medical Centre, the Jaarbeurs trade fair centre, attracting over 2.5 million visitors a year, and countless companies and establishments in the Utrecht area generate a wealth of economic activity.

Utrecht is buzzing, not least due to its 70,000 students, friendly terrace cafes and welcoming restaurants.

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Things to see

Sol Lumen, an artwork of Yvette Mattern

Sol Lumen is an artwork of Yvette Mattern


–      Trajectum Lumen; a Utrecht Tale of Light

The Romans were well aware of the fact that Utrecht was a lovely place to stay. This is why around 50AD, they pitched camp near what is now the Dom Square.  Trajectum Lumen is an exploration after dark and honours Utrecht’s rich history with a light art route that is on display 365 days a year.

Trajectum Lumen starts on Vredenburg and ends on the Mariaplaats. Since the start of the project in 2010, artworks have been added to the route regularly, as a way of bringing the past and future together. The works of light art along the route can be seen from sunrise to midnight.



trajectum Lumen3



Check www.trajectumlumen.com for up-to-date information. You can get a map at your hotel or at the VVV (Tourist Information). There is also an app and a digital map:  http://www.trajectumlumen.com/en/map

–  Utrecht City Guide app. This app lists all kinds of events in Utrecht and also has a map on wihich every event is easily found, so you know exactly where to go. Also good for finding restaurants, the app is regularly updated with new features and is available for iPhone and Android.

– Discover the secrets and charms of one of the world’s ‘most unsung cities’ (according to the Lonely Planet travel guide)