WSAN Seminar in Utrecht

October 10-11  2014 – TRUST


Herewith the presentations of our speakers.


Friday, October 10, 08.30 AM:

Theme: Trust and governance

Dr  Joop Kessels, Introduction in Dimensions of Trust (in general and in the academic / UU setting)

Joop Kessels WSAN

Joop Kessels text WSAN

Prof Kees van den Bos, Assessing Trust in Authorities

Kees van den Bos WSAN

Liduine Bremer MA, Building Trust and Governance in a Broken Organization

Liduine Bremer WSAN

Bremer WSAN update 2003-2015


Theme: Trust and Education

Ellen Sinot, Utrecht students about trust issues students encounter during their study

Ellen Sinot column Trust

Prof Mirko Noordergraaf, Trust in Distrust: on clashes between performance and professional logics (and ways to handle them)

Mirko Noordegraaf WSAN

Saturday, October 11, 08.30 AM:

Theme: Trust and Interpersonal relations

Prof Liesbeth Sterck, Trust and Deceit in the Animal Kingdom

Liesbeth Sterck WSAN

Carlos Estarippa, Trust in an interactive workshop

Carlos Estarippa WSAN

Article High trust cooperation

Kim Mauborgne (1997, Harvard Business Review), fair process effect